Minor Pre Annoyances

For the most part I’m loving my , it almost feels like an with a keyboard, and Palm is onto something with WebOS. That being said, there are a few things that have been annoying me.  I think most (all?) of these can be fixed through software updates, so get on it Palm.

1. Battery Life – Even after turning off GPS, AIM, auto-checking email, and with some light use, I’m down 12% after 2 hours. Hopefully they can fix this, if not, I’ll just have to carry a charger around with me wherever I go.  Good thing I don’t use my phone as an MP3 player, just saying.

2. Bluetooth pairing with car – For whatever reason, whenever I receive a phone call while in my car, the phone initially uses the bluetooth, then switches to normal (handset) mode. I have to then manually select the bluetooth icon from the phone screen while the person on the other end talks and hopefully doesn’t say anything important.

3. Copy and Paste – A couple of things here. First off, you can’t copy and paste from an html web page nor from an incoming text message, only from areas that are deemed text input fields. This makes it annoying to copy something (an address, for example) from a text message and put it into Google Maps. The other aspect is that even when you can select the text, it’s tricky.   You have to hold down the [CAPS] (up arrow) button and swipe over the text. Only problem is that the swipe action doesn’t seem too sensitive and even then it doesn’t span multiple lines.  You have to swipe one line, probably a couple times, then swipe the previous line. Rinse and Repeat.  To actually copy the text, you hold your finger in the gesture area and then hit v, c, or x, depending on what you’re trying to do.  I found out the hard way that the alt [Orange] button does not in fact copy, nor is there a dropdown menu button like the Centro or Treo.  Because your finger must remain in the gesture area, it’s very difficult to copy and paste one-handed  Maybe I just need to get used to this one, but it hasn’t been an easy transition.

Anyway, minor transitional/new software issues, just wanted to give an update of my sojourn.

T-plus 8 hours with the Pre

Early this morning I did something that I have been dreading for a long while: I called to see when I qualified to get a new phone. Why did I dread this you ask? Well, I knew once I was able to get a new phone that I’d impatiently wait until I broke down and go buy a .  Here are some of my initial thoughts.  This is in no way comprehensive nor unbiased; it’s just what I think after playing with the phone for 8 hours, but if you don’t agree with me then you’re wrong.

First an overview. The Pre uses a “card” for each actively running program. You can switch between cards at any time by hitting the center button.  When you’re looking at the screen, the programs all look like cards, so it’s not that much of a stretch to call them that.  The point of these is to easily switch between programs without needing to close any.

Hit the jump for a few thoughts on specific features and for more of my literary witticism.

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iPhone (AT&T), Pre (Sprint) or Andriod (T-Mobile)

Come late July/early August I have a decision to make. My contract is up with , and while I’ve had pretty decent service with them ( overall ), there are times where I have been greatly troubled with ’s coverage and there anemic G3 support.

I currently have the T-Mobile Wing, and while it’s a decent phone, it’s left me wanting more. I need/want a phone that reacts faster. I love the real keyboard that’s pretty amazing, I like the fairly large screen, but there are many things I wish it did….better.

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