If you happened to be off of work last Friday, first off, I hate you. Second, you may have missed the 30th Anniversary of Pac-Man tribute in ’s first playable Doodle. Now don’t come crying to me saying you want to waste time on Monday, because Google has created a permanent page for running around the Google logo.

Never mind the fact that there have been flash versions of Pac-Man around for a while now, it’s cool now!

Comic: Not Lupus

New Comic! It’s been a while…bought a among other things, but hopefully I’ll update more often now.

So this comic might not make a whole lot of sense if you don’t watch House, M.D. and/or don’t know about the show’s fascination with Lupus. Exhibit L:

On a side note, I think my (almost 2 month) hiatus has caused my drawing skills to actually get *worse* than they were, either that or I realized that’s the part of the comic creation comic that I am worst at and therefore less likely to spend a whole lot of time on if I’m trying to get a comic up on the website. If anyone out there – except Jabber – has drawing skills and feels like illustrating some comics, let me know!

Google Phone still due this year

According to an article in the New York Times, an phone is still due to be launched this year. The phone will be made by HTC and first available to subscribers. There’s video up on Youtube here that shows what it looks like.

Now I know phone companies and service providers like to set up partnerships to guarantee that someone will buy the phone, but making them exclusive to one company is just bad business. It doesn’t sound like will be doing that with the Android, or dream as they’re calling it, but I for one will never own an while has exclusive rights to it, I just don’t like . I know you’re saying, well, stupido, just buy one and crack it! Only problem with that is that I currently have (and like) Sprint for my cell phone provider, but they use CDMA whereas the iPhone is still GSM-only. I’m sure is loving the exclusive contract, but there doesn’t seem to be anything in that deal that sounds appealing to Apple. They get less sales and have to deal with a subpar service provider.