T-plus 8 hours with the Pre

Early this morning I did something that I have been dreading for a long while: I called to see when I qualified to get a new phone. Why did I dread this you ask? Well, I knew once I was able to get a new phone that I’d impatiently wait until I broke down and go buy a .  Here are some of my initial thoughts.  This is in no way comprehensive nor unbiased; it’s just what I think after playing with the phone for 8 hours, but if you don’t agree with me then you’re wrong.

First an overview. The Pre uses a “card” for each actively running program. You can switch between cards at any time by hitting the center button.  When you’re looking at the screen, the programs all look like cards, so it’s not that much of a stretch to call them that.  The point of these is to easily switch between programs without needing to close any.

Hit the jump for a few thoughts on specific features and for more of my literary witticism.

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