Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Products

While search for the the functionality of the Function (F1-F12) keys in Word 2010, I came across this page:

It’s actually pretty useful for speeding up your work in Microsoft Products, there’s even a “Show All” Option for those of you that would rather print the document.

For the record, here’s the list of what the function keys do in Word 2010 (I was looking for the shortcut for how to update a text field):

Get Help or visit Microsoft F1
Move text or graphics. F2
Repeat the last action. F4
Choose the Go To command (Home tab). F5
Go to the next pane or frame. F6
Choose the Spelling command (Review tab). F7
Extend a selection. F8
Update the selected fields. F9
Show KeyTips. F10
Go to the next field. F11
Choose the Save As command. F12

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