Transferring Office 2010 Settings Between Computers

Note: This is a tutorial that I think will apply to more people than just my dad, but since he asked for it first, here’s to you dad.

So you’ve setup just the way you like it at work, probably spent a few hours getting every tab and setting to your liking, but now you want to use those same settings at home. Do you really want to have to go through that entire process all over again so that your User Interface is the same? I didn’t think so. Here’s a guide on how to transfer those files between computers.

1. Open Microsoft Word 2010 (The steps will be the same for each Office 2010 Program, but we’ll go through the process on Word.)

2. Go to the [File] tab, then click the [Options] button

3. Click on the [Customize Ribbon] settings page (I have to assume you’ve seen this page if you’ve customized your Ribbon and/or Quick Access Toolbar), select the [Import/Export] dropdown menu, and choose “Export all customizations”

4. Save the .exportedUI file to your computer or a flash drive, and either email the file to yourself or take the flash drive to your other computer. One note, if you try to email the file and use Outlook at home, it might automatically block the file extension, so you might need to put the .exportedUI inside of a zip file (Right-click on the file and select [Send To] –> [Compressed (ZIP) File]).

5. Repeat steps 1-3 on the computer you would like to transfer the files to, except instead of choosing “Export all customizations” from the [Import/Export] Dropdown menu on the [Customize Ribbon] page, choose “Import customization file” and then select the file that you either emailed to yourself or put on the flash drive.

6. That’s it! Now repeat steps 1-5 for each program that you would like to transfer your customized User Interface settings between (e.g. Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)

2 thoughts on “Transferring Office 2010 Settings Between Computers

  1. thanks for the tutorial.
    I am AMAZED that Microsoft’s “EASY TRANSFER WIZARD” does not do this for the user!
    How primitive.
    Also remarkable that OFFICE does not have transfer program for all the default file locations etc. . .

    rock on

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