Redbox Mishap


“Teacher, my dog ate my Redbox movie”

The dog has apparently decided that plastic tastes good to him. Fortunately, Redbox was super cool with the whole deal and gave us a couple codes to punch into the kiosk: one to get the movie again (since it was trashed as well), and one for an extra plastic sleeve to return the disc.

Granted, they probably pay for their movies on a per-license basis and replacing a disc is a minimal cost to them, but it was still nice to see a company that values its customers.

3 thoughts on “Redbox Mishap

  1. Hi Terry,

    I called them, but they have other ways to contact them, take a look at the website for the various options:

    And my dog is actually a South African Boerboel that apparently thought the disc was part of some evil plan…

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