Open Source Software

This is where I’m going to attempt to assemble a list of some of the most common software programs and their Open Source Equivalents. Use CTRL+F to find the program you’re looking for

Software Program Open Source Equivalent Comments
Adobe Acrobat Pro CutePDF Creates PDFs from documents
PDF Split and Merge Edits Existing PDFs
Adobe Dreamweaver KompoZer
Adobe Illustrator Inkscape
Adobe Pagemaker/Indesign Scribus
Adobe Photoshop GIMP
Autodesk 3ds Max Blender
Microsoft Access Base
Microsoft Excel Calc
Microsoft Frontpage KompoZer
Microsoft PowerPoint Impress
Microsoft Project OpenProj
Microsoft Visio Draw
Microsoft Word Writer
Microsoft Publisher Scribus

Miscellaneous Open-Source Software:

Software Type Name Comments
Anti-Spyware Ad-Aware Free Version
Anti Virus AVG Antivirus Free Edition
Compression Sofware 7zip
Instant Messaging Pidgin

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