NerdRage over Diablo 3′s Design

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Apparently there are a bunch of nerds people that are pissed off over the proposed look and feel of Blizzard’s Diablo 3, enough to make a petition to change it.  According to the , the screenshots have looked too cartoony and there isn’t enough use of the shadows that gave the first 2 games in the Diablo series a distinctive gothic feel.

This just goes to show that people will complain about anything. This is ’s game, I think they know what they’re doing with the design of the game, and just because you don’t like it.  I understand the complaint that they are fundamentally changing the Diablo universe by making it too “cartoony”, but if the people at feel like taking their game in a new artistic direction, it’s their prerogative to do so.  They’ve only successfully launched the most successful MMO in history, so they obviously don’t know what they’re doing.

The funny part is that 80% of the people who signed this petition will still be lined up outside their local GameStop on release day to pick up their reserved copy, while the other 20% will protest on principle, only to buy their copies 2 weeks later after hearing their friends talk about how great it is. (This assumes the gameplay is good of course).

Let me know what you think, should a video game company tailor their games to suit their “hardcore” fans, or make a game that appeals to a broader audience?

6 thoughts on “NerdRage over Diablo 3′s Design

  1. All of the hardcore fans play WoW, so Blizzard already has their money.

    Now blizzard wants your money too, casual player!

  2. The hardcore fans will play whatever game Blizz puts out, regardless of it it’s any good. Luckily they tend to be good games!

  3. I am still amazed that people are complaining about the game looking too pretty. I’ve watched the video’s and seen screen shots. There are some changes mostly I think do to the fact that technology has improved. The major game elements are the same. That’s a bigger issue for me. How it looks isn’t nearly as important as how its played. Take Age of Empires, the third or fourth one. They changed the entire play style while also adding better graphics. It may have looked great, but the play style I had grown to love was completely gone. I lasted a couple days at that game and never went back.

    Obviously Blizzard knows there stuff, as were all still hooked on most of their games :)

  4. Worry not about the petition nor design of the game. As of a couple of weeks ago, I spoke with a senior Blizzard employee (yes, he has input on D3) who knew nothing about the petition. After I pointed him to the website he laughed wondering why people were so quick to attack the game from just a few screen shots. The game has no release date, so that means it won’t be out anytime before next Christmas 2009. People are worried about gameplay but it was Diablo that influenced WoW and not the other way around.

    One thing I do like about Blizzard is that they are not beholden to investors, specifically investors who know nothing about the gaming industry. As my friend put it “It will be ready when it’s ready”.

    Imagine critizing Leonardo Di Vinci on his painting before he adds Mona Lisa to the picture, “Oh, the picture is lifeless and there is nothing to focus on”.

    Let the artists finish and then (and only then) complain where necessary.

  5. Thanks for the input John!

    Funny you should mention this now, I was actually at Blizzcon last weekend and got a chance to try out their demo of D3, and it looks freakin’ awesome! I didn’t play the older ones, but if the game is like the demo I played, I’ll be buying it whenever it comes out. Not once did I think that it wasn’t dark or gory or gothic.

    From talking to people who were huge D1 and D2 fans, they were as impressed by the gameplay and the feel of the game as much as anyone else.

    However, I suppose people will find just about anything to complain about. Oh well, imma go play me some WoW.

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