Commonly Misused Phrases

Here’s a handy guide from me to you to help you use commonly used phrases properly:

“Flushed out”
Correct: Fleshed out
Rabbits are flushed out of holes; ideas are fleshed out.

“Coming down the pipe“
Correct: Coming down the pike
Pike is an abbreviation for Turnpike.

“Gather the jest of something”
Correct: Gather the gist of something
A jest is a joke; the gist is the core or essence of an idea.

“Mute point”
Correct: Moot point
Mute means silent; moot means uncertain or open for debate.

“I could care less”
Correct: I couldn’t care less
If you could care less, there is an implication that you currently care somewhat.

“Take it for granite.”
Correct: Take it for granted.
This phrase was never intended to be the same as “set in stone”, but rather to assume something.

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