Parched Earth Theory

For my first , I’ve chosen to explore what I call . No, this isn’t something having to do global warming, but rather serves as a guideline to decrease the likelihood of someone getting sick after a night of drinking, based on how much they have had in a given time period.

The model that I use for this is of a potted plant that hasn’t been watered in a long time. When you pour water on to the soil, the water isn’t immediately absorbed, but rather stays on top for a little while. If you continue to pour water on to the soil, eventually the water will flow over the edge of the pot, creating a fine mess. However, if you pour a small amount of water on the soil, wait a little while for it to absorb, and repeat this process until all the water is gone, you will have sufficiently soaked the soil the whole way through and, depending on how much water it was, will come out of the hole in the bottom of the pot (if there is one).  The second process takes longer to perform, but is ultimately a better way of watering the plant and creates less mess.

See where I’m going with this?

The Parched Earth Theory states that In order to avoid getting sick after a night of drinking, one must allow time between the first and second drink. This allows time for your body to react to the alcohol and prepare the liver for processing the alcohol.

Keep in mind that I am in no way condoning binge drinking, this only applies to the instances where one has had a reasonable amount to drink and still gets sick. Naturally, if you drink way more than you should, getting sick is probably the best option, you will feel better in the morning for it.

I have a theory…

From time to time I come up with a random about something, usually to be forgotten quickly, but I think I’ll start putting them on here in the off chance that one day one of them will be proven true.  If not, at least it will provide you all with some entertainment.