Printing Shadows in PowerPoint 2010

Now that Office has gotten much better at editing pictures, sometimes it’s just easier to put together a poster/banner/whatever in than opening an image editor. However, when you go to print said image, doesn’t by default print the lovely drop shadows that you overused. Today we’re going to re-enable that ability.

1. From the Ribbon, choose [File], then [Options].

2. On the Options Window, choose [Advanced], scroll down to the “Print” section, and check the box next to “High Quality”. You’re all set!

Commonly Misused Phrases

Here’s a handy guide from me to you to help you use commonly used phrases properly:

“Flushed out”
Correct: Fleshed out
Rabbits are flushed out of holes; ideas are fleshed out.

“Coming down the pipe“
Correct: Coming down the pike
Pike is an abbreviation for Turnpike.

“Gather the jest of something”
Correct: Gather the gist of something
A jest is a joke; the gist is the core or essence of an idea.

“Mute point”
Correct: Moot point
Mute means silent; moot means uncertain or open for debate.

“I could care less”
Correct: I couldn’t care less
If you could care less, there is an implication that you currently care somewhat.

“Take it for granite.”
Correct: Take it for granted.
This phrase was never intended to be the same as “set in stone”, but rather to assume something.

Redbox Mishap


“Teacher, my dog ate my Redbox movie”

The dog has apparently decided that plastic tastes good to him. Fortunately, Redbox was super cool with the whole deal and gave us a couple codes to punch into the kiosk: one to get the movie again (since it was trashed as well), and one for an extra plastic sleeve to return the disc.

Granted, they probably pay for their movies on a per-license basis and replacing a disc is a minimal cost to them, but it was still nice to see a company that values its customers.